5 Tips to Create a Cozy Bedroom

5 Tips to Create a Cozy Bedroom


DUVET COVER | NIGHTSTAND | LAMP | ELEPHANT | PRINT (made by me) | THROW PILLOW (made by my mom!)

Today I wanted to share my tips to create a cozy bedroom in the fall. I live in a bungalow which means my bedroom is directly affected by Mother Nature. The summers are hot & as the weather cools down in the fall, so does my bedroom. That means I need to make some changes in order to not freeze to death while sleeping. Ok, fine, that was an exaggeration, but this girl likes a cozy bedroom.

One of my favorite things to do once the temps drop is to put a big fluffy blanket on my bed. I sleep so much better when it's chilly in my room & I'm cuddled under a warm blanket.

I keep some lavender vanilla lotion on my nightstand. This helps with my inevitably dry skin during the cooler months, plus lavender helps with sleep. It serves a dual purpose, & I love it for that!

Another thing I have to have on my nightstand is a candle. There's something about having candles burning that is so calming & cozy to me. This one is my current favorite.

One word: socks. I've discovered that there are two kinds of people in this world -- the kind that wear socks to bed & the kind that think wearing socks to bed feels like entrapment. I'm the first type -- I love to wear cozy socks to bed this time of year. I also keep some socks in the bottom drawer of my nightstand. That's not weird, right?

I'm obsessed with changing out the accessories around my house. I had some shades of pink up in my room over the summer & I recently swapped the pinks for blues. Throw pillows & prints are such an easy way to transform your room on a budget. The blues feel so much more cold-weather friendly in my room now.

What do you do to make your room cozier for fall? Let me know in the comments!



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