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5 Ways to Keep Your Workout Motivation during the Winter

Winter is here and if you live anywhere cold (like me!) you know that it becomes much harder to stay active in the colder months. It's a joke that people put on winter weight, but in reality it's no joke at all. In the spring, summer, and fall people spend more time outside, at parks, and running the sidewalks. Once winter hits, the amount of runners on the sidewalks dwindles to the very committed ones only. I'd be lying if I said I'm motivated to spend more time outside than I have to right now. When it's warm outside I will go for a run in my neighborhood and will walk to the gym instead of driving. workout motivation When there are so many reasons not to work out, it's important to keep your mindset in the right place and stay motivated. Today I wanted to share 5 of the ways I stay motivated to work out in the winter months.
  1. New workout gear -- Who doesn't love a reason to shop?! I've realized that when I have a new pair of gym shoes or hoodie to wear, I can't wait to put it on which motivates me to get my butt to the gym.workout motivation
  2. Changing up my water -- When I'm cold (which is basically all the time from October-April) I have a hard time drinking enough water, but lately I've been LOVING the Citrus Zinger Sport by Zing Anything! It lets me make my own infused water with whatever fruits I'm in the mood for. One of my go-to combinations is lemon and lime because it's so refreshing when I'm working out. I also love strawberries and lemon -- super delish! Having a flavor to my water helps me drink more of it even when it is cold outside. Bonus: staying hydrated helps to boost your energy!
  3. Make a plan & stick to it -- I started majorly losing workout motivation towards the end of fall and needed to change up my workouts. I decided it was time to start following a program so I would have some added accountability. I started the 9-week Rewired Program on It tells you exactly what your workout is every day which is great when you're lacking motivation. The best part of this program (especially when lacking motivation) is that it only takes about 45 minutes per day.

  4. A good playlist -- Not gonna lie, I'm loving the new t-swift song. If I find a new song I love, i immediately add it to my playlist. That way if I need a boost mid-workout I have a song I know I can count on to pump me up. I also have my trusty jock Jams on deck at all times too!

  5. Speaking of my playlist, quality headphones! -- I use the Vasa Bla wireless headphones by Sudio & they are amazing! I love that I can set my phone on the ledge of the elliptical without the chance of knocking it over with my ridiculously long arms. I also love setting it down while I lift. Most Womens workout gear doesn't have pockets big enough for our phones so I used to just stuff it right inside the waistline of my leggings, but it was also falling out & dropping. Now I can just set it next to the weights or machine I'm on & continue lip syncing to Taylor...I mean, lifting weights. Also, can we talk about how adorable the white and rose gold is?!

    workout motivation

What are your tips to keep your workout motivation? Leave them in the comments! xoxo, Sarah

Thanks to Sudio and Zing Anything for providing the products for this post!

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