Black Boho Dress

Black Boho Dress

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DRESS | BOOTS | HANDBAG: This year's version here | WATCH | BRACELET | RINGS: here, here, and here | NECKLACE | EARRINGS | NAIL POLISH

Good morning, friends!

I was all amped up for spring yesterday, and today I'm feeling the impending doom that is the expected 6"-10" of snow tonight. Fingers crossed the weathermen are wrong like they usually are!

I'm obsessed with this black boho dress. It has adorable crocheted lace insets and the silhouette is so effortless. I feel like I could honestly throw this on over a bathing suit and it would be just as acceptable as it is with these over-the-knee boots. You know I love pieces that work for more than one occasion.

I hope you're having a great week!

The Style Law- Sarah Brithinee

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