white tank

Classic White Tank for Summer

white tank white tank Guys, I'm kinda obsessed with white in the summer. I mean, I love white all year long, but in the summer I cannot resist it. This look is my ideal summer outfit. The white tank makes it neutral is very versatile and it can easily be taken from day to night with the swap of a few accessories.white tank white tank I love that high necklines have been so on-trend recently. I'm not a fan of showing any cleavage whatsoever and I think high necklines are so flattering. They also show off your necklace if you're wearing one. I'm wearing one of my favorites that I've been wearing all summer long. I've linked my current favorite white tanks down below in the widget. There are so many options and they will take you through the fall season as well. Just throw a cardigan or jacket (like this one!) on top of these tanks and you have a warmer look with little to no effort. white tank white tank I'm sure you're sick of seeing this necklace, but it's honestly one of the most versatile pieces. I find myself wearing it with a plain tee or dressing it up with a blouse. It goes with everything. You can even tuck the long piece into your shirt to change up the look even more. white tank I'm always wearing my with love, sar bracelets. I have them for any look I'm trying to create. I'm so excited for the new ones that will be coming out so soon. Head over to the site to check out all the options I have! white tank white tank


What's your favorite color to wear in the summer? Let me know down below in the comments! xoxo, Sarah Shop this look below + my favorite white tanks:
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