Decluttering: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Decluttering: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

For the past almost 6 months, I've been in a major decluttering phase. I've gotten rid of almost all of my clothing which sounds insane. I'm not trying to cut down to a capsule wardrobe, and I'm definitely not against adding pieces to my closet. I just gave my closet an honest look and decided a lot of it had to go. Today I'm sharing the 5 questions I ask myself about every piece when deciding if I should keep it or declutter it. decluttering - closet goals
  • Shop your closet -- if you were at a store, would you purchase the item today? If yes, keep it! If not, donate/toss/sell it.

A little note on donate/toss/sell -- I know one of the hardest parts about parting with items is that you spent your hard earned money on it. If an item is still in great shape, I post it on Poshmark. I love this app -- I've sold SO many pieces (I'm talking over 75!) which gives me an excuse to go buy things I like even more with my earnings. If items aren't in good enough shape to sell, they can still be donated. If they're stained or damaged you'll likely want to toss them out though.

  • Is it flattering? I love a lot of different styles of clothing, but some are flattering on my shape and some aren't. If you bought something because you loved it but honestly it doesn't look the best on you, it's time to move on.
  • Is it in good shape? If a piece has missing buttons or a stain, you may be able to repair it. Decide if you'd put in the work to repair it. If not or if it's permanent damage, time to let it go.
  • Does it fit your lifestyle? If you have a bunch of club dresses but are a total homebody & never go to the club then it's prob time to let those pieces go. The pieces in your wardrobe should fit your everyday life. There are a few exceptions. I don't wear formalwear on a consistent basis, but it's important to keep a few key pieces so when it's time to attend a wedding or event, I have those pieces to rely on.
  • Will you (realistically) get use out of it? I have some pieces that I absolutely love, but there are others that I love a bit more or that I feel a bit more confident in so those other pieces get ignored. If you haven't worn it in the last year (through all 4 seasons) it's probably time to pass it on.

It doesn't matter how many items you have in your closet. It won't make you happier. Going into your closet and being able to pull out any item and knowing you'll look and feel great is the true definition of #closetgoals. I hope this post was helpful for you. Have you been decluttering? Let me know in the comments!



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