Floral Crown

White 1edited white 3edited white 4edited white 12edited white 12edited2 white 13edited white 16edited white 18edited white 19edited Today I want to tell you a story. I've loved the look of floral crowns for years. I think they're so delicate and pretty and full of whimsy, and every time I see a woman wearing one, I think she looks so beautiful. After years of looking at them, I finally decided to buy one. I put this outfit together; this flowy white dress would be the perfect understated piece to go with the floral crown. Then, when I went to go shoot this look, I felt like a spectacle as I was walking over to this ivy wall. I felt like every single person I passed was staring at me like I was wearing a costume. I was SO insecure. I felt out of my element and uncomfortable, and I couldn't wait to change out of this outfit. The reason I'm telling you this is because although you may not be able to tell from the outside, this is not my style. As much as I love to admire other people wearing floral crowns, it doesn't fit my personal style, and it's not the only thing. I love so many things that I don't wear. For instance, I love how girls wear their hair messy, but it's a look that I'm not comfortable wearing myself. Every time I do my hair messy, I have to fix it. That's not to say it looks bad. I'm sure many people would tell me it looks great, but I don't feel like myself. What made me the most sad about how this outfit made me feel is that I think there are tons of women who feel this way every time they walk out the door. I want to do everything in my power to change that. I want to help you to develop your personal style. I want every single person to feel confident in what they put on their body every single day. I want all of us to hold our heads high when we walk down the street. Most of all, I want you to feel beautiful, confident, and like yourself all the time. If this is your style, that's amazing! I'm sure you'll look like a gorgeous boho princess. For me, I'll stick to my signature style and what makes me feel like me. I hope you have an amazing day and an even better week! Xoxo, Sarah
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