Gift Guide for Her 2016

Gift Guide for Her 2016

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I'm sharing my first Sunday night post that's also my first gift guide of the season! This one is a gift guide for any woman in your life. I've included stuff for the girly girl, tech accessories, jewelry, pampering, home decor, fitness, basically I think I've covered all of the bases here!

My top picks for a cozy gift are these slippers or this robe. Both look so comfy and soft. They'd both be great picks for that girl that needs some me time.

While we're on the subject of pampering, let's talk about this face mask that I'm OBSESSED with. It hydrates and rejuvenates your skin and leaves it feeling so unbelievably soft. I've gone through more than half of the tub and know I'll be repurchasing once it runs out. I also think candles are a great gift. They can really add ambiance to a home and are perfect to have sitting next to the tub for a hot bubble bath. Also, bath soak is a great option if you know she likes to take hot baths.

If someone on your list is more into girly items, grabbing a cute ring, pair of earrings (I have these ones & love them!), or statement necklace might be the best route to go in. I find that jewelry is a great gift to give because you don't have to worry about sizing for the most part and I think it's easier to pick out than clothing is.

Have a friend that's into fitness? Grab her this adorable water bottle or ear buds. Those are no-brainer items that you know she'll get use out.

For all the makeup junkies out there, there are SO many great holiday sets this year. I have a couple on my current wish list like this lip gloss set and this new palette. Gifting tip: if you end up buying a set like the lip glosses, you can separate the glosses and give one to each girl friend, use them as stocking stuffers, etc. They don't have to be all given to the same person!

I always think that a planner is a great item to give. So many people still love to use planners and write everything down (myself included). I have my planner for 2017 already, but looking at some of the new ones that are out this holiday season is really making me envious. You can also throw in a cute set of pens to go with the planner and make a little gift set out of it.

I hope this guide was helpful for you or at least got you brainstorming some good ideas! I've linked SO many additional ideas down below in the widget too!



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