Green Jumpsuit

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JUMPSUIT | SHOES: Similar here and here | HANDBAG: Similar here and here | NECKLACE | WATCH | RINGS: here, here, and here | EARRINGS | BRACELETS: here, here, and here | NAIL POLISH | LIP COLOR

Current status: sitting at the airport. I LOVE adventures and visiting places, but I don't like actually getting there. On the way here, my second flight was on a 21-seater! It was super loud and a tad scary. I'm lying. It was a lot scary! It was super turbulent, and it felt like we were just being rattled around in the air. The hassle of getting places is always so worth it when you get to hang out somewhere different for a change.

I spent the a couple days on Long Island with my family. Then, on Saturday night, I took the train into Manhattan and stayed with one of my friends. It was SO wonderful to see her! We got our nails done yesterday at this trendy nail art salon. It's the first time I've had nail art done, and I'm obsessed! I'm making a conscious effort to try out different looks that aren't my usual to see how I like them. I believe that personal style is constantly evolving. I first tried out this boho look that I didn't like at all on me. I think it was a great lesson though. Next up, I tried out this casual, comfy look, and I'm obsessed with it. This jumpsuit will be my last experimental summer look for this season. I'm undecided on it. I do like it, but I don't know that it fits my lifestyle. When I'm buying a piece, I ask myself a couple of questions. 1. Is this me? What I mean by that is, does this fit my personal style? 2. Does this fit into my lifestyle? I don't have to dress up for work, so my wardrobe works for all 7 days of the week. Is this a piece that fits into what I normally do? If I can answer yes to both of those questions, I'll give the look a try. I'd love to help you discover your personal style. If you have any questions or ideas on how I can help, please email me or leave a comment below! Xoxo, Sarah Shop the look below!
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