Insta Recap...

Insta Recap...


I'm about to make a bold statement. This is the BEST purchase I've ever made from Target. This clutch is sold out online, but you can look up your local store to see if they still have any in stock. If they do, run, don't walk there and grab it before it's gone.

IMG_0180I'm trying to wear some color on these lips of mine, so here goes another effort.

LIPS: here | NAILS: here | WATCH: here

IMG_0048LOVE this nail color for summer. Perfection!



Behind bracelets, rings are a close second on my list of favorite jewelry. This crisscross ring is by far my favorite that I've purchased this season. I'm also loving this ring set because it gives me so many options and sizes. And, of course, I have my right hand ring that I got from my mom last year on my birthday. I wear it every single day. IMG_9285


NAIL POLISH: here | RINGS: here


I LOVE to layer dresses with denim jackets in the spring. It's so exciting to finally get to wear dresses without freezing outside. Mother Nature, I think our 5 month long tiff is about to end...if you continue what you've got going on right now.

DRESS: here | JACKET: here | NAIL POLISH: here


This nail color is one of my favorites for summer. It's light, airy, and goes with everything.FullSizeRender

I'm all about bright colors right now. This top is perfect for spring. Its soft and flowy fabric makes this comfortable and flattering. I also recently picked up this tassel necklace (yes, I'm loving tassels right now) and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces to top off a look.

I hope you had a wonderful week and have an even greater weekend!



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