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My Hair Care Must-Haves + Routine

hair care must-haves Today I'm going to be sharing my current hair care must-haves and routine. I get asked all the time what products I use, how often I wash my hair, how I get my curls to stay, etc. First off, let me start by saying that I have very straight hair. It dries straight naturally. It's also pretty fine, but I have a good amount of it. That being said, it doesn't like to hold styles and it is very soft and smooth which makes a lot of styles an uphill battle. I wash my hair about every 3-4 days. Dry shampoo is my BFF. I used to wash my hair every single day and now that I don't, I cannot imagine drying and styling it that often. My hair used to be extremely greasy if I skipped a day of washing. I got a blowout once and the woman who did my hair told me that I needed to train my hair and that would let me not need to wash it all the time. I started out by washing it every other day. It was REALLY hard to break the habit of everyday washing. Once my hair was used to every other day washing, I went to washing every third day. Now I can go about 4 days. I've stretched it longer by wearing my hair up. I don't like to wear it down when it's that dirty though. When I do wash my hair, I always brush it out with a wide-tooth comb. I think it's the best to get out knots and not be super rough on your hair or your scalp. I was told never to brush your hair in the shower which is something I used to ALWAYS do. My hair stylist told me that you lose a lot more hair if you brush it in the shower. Feel free to fact check that because I'm admittedly not a hair expert. I just listen to what my stylists tell me and then do what works for me and my lifestyle! hair care must-haves I recently discovered this eva-nyc clean it up shampoo and soften up conditioner at Costco. It has quickly become a favorite. It smells heavenly and was super affordable. I've tried products at all different price points and this is seriously an awesome product -- especially for the price! I'd be lying if I said that I initially bought the product for any reason besides the adorable packaging. I'm a huge sucker for good packaging. I'd highly recommend these if you're in the market for a new shampoo and/or conditioner. After I wash my hair I always put the Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil in it and work it through my wet hair before I blow dry. hair care must-haves Let's talk about dry shampoo for a minute. When I first tried dry shampoo, it was the Oscar Blandi powder dry shampoo. This was back before dry shampoo was all over the place so the options were slim. Since then I have tried what feels like every version on the market. My favorites include Toni&Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo, Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo, Batiste Dry Shampoo (although I'm not a big fan of the scent), and most recently the OGX Silky Blowout Dry Shampoo. I can't find that OGX one online anywhere, but I bought it in store at Ulta so you would most likely be able to find it there. I just grabbed this one last week and it's quickly become one of my favorites. It smells SO good and is affordable which is always nice since I go through dry shampoo very quickly. hair care must-haves I usually will blow dry my hair, but sometimes I will let it hair dry. I do, however, wear it wavy almost every single day. I've gone through so many curling irons over the years. I purchased one from Nume a little over a year ago. I loved it...until it died. It was the fasting dying curling iron I've ever owned. I got it for pretty cheap, but that's because they always have insane coupons. I would never pay full price for one of their tools. After the holidays last year I decided to combine all of my gift cards and points from Ulta and splurge on the T3 Whirl Trio. This was very expensive and the only reason I justified it was because I had those gift cards. I honestly didn't think it would ever be able to live up to the price point, but I was so wrong. I love that you can change out the wands depending on what style you're going for. I usually use the 1" straight barrel for my every day wavy look. The curls will hold in my hair the next day too which is a huge time saver and also beneficial because I don't have to use heat on my hair every single day. I cannot recommend this brand enough, it's seriously amazing. Once I'm done curling my hair, I usually put a texturizing spray in it. Two of my favorites for this are the OGX spray (which again, I can't find online at the moment) and the Drybar Triple Sec. Both of these add so much volume and really help hold my style for longer. These types of sprays are awesome if you have fine hair or very soft hair -- they'll add enough grit to hold fun styles like braids and will also thicken up your strands. I think that's everything as far as what I use on my hair. I don't use a ton of different products and when I find something I like, I use it religiously. What are your hair care must-haves? Let me know in the comments! I'm always on the hunt for what's good so I'd love to try out your recommendations! xoxo, Sarah Shop my hair must-haves below:
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