OTS Embroidered Top -- Casual Everyday Look

OTS Embroidered Top -- Casual Everyday Look

embroidered top Is there anything better than an off-the-shoulder embroidered top? I don't think so either. This one is from last year, but there are SO many options this season too. Today's look is so simple, just the way I like it. I paired this OTS embroidered top with my go-to distressed jeans and these super comfy wedges. This is a look I'd wear to brunch, running errands, to a meeting, or basically anywhere if we're being honest lol. embroidered top These wedges are so simple and so comfy. I love that they're neutral so they go with everything. They're a low enough wedge that they're comfortable to walk in for long periods of time. I personally hate suffering through pain to wear cute shoes. I know everyone hates being uncomfortable, but I straight up refuse to do it anymore. I guess this is what being 30 means haha. embroidered top Are you sick of seeing this crossbody bag yet? Hopefully not, because I cannot stop wearing it. It's back from last year and comes in a few other colors too. It's super affordable, holds everything you'd need to carry, and is SO cute! embroidered top embroidered top Guys, these earrings are my faves from this year. They're only $13 and look much more expensive! They also come in so many different colors, but I needed the blush pair, of course. Also, this nail color was my go-to spring color last year, and it's back in full force this year too. I cannot stop wearing it. I just painted my nails last night and I painted them this color for the 3 time in a row. Whoops! This ring is from a set of 3 that are all different sizes. I wear at least one of them every single day. They are also super affordable which is just the cherry on top (: I'm also wearing a bright bracelet stack, per usual. Wearing stacked bracelets is one of favorite accessories for spring and summer.embroidered top


This mural in Detroit is one that I've wanted to shoot photos in front of for so long. I finally did it this weekend and I lucked out that there weren't cars parked in all the spots blocking the shot! I'm obsessed with all the murals and art in downtown Detroit. What are some of the cities you guys love? Let me know down below!



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