Spring Home Decor Refresh on a Budget

Spring Home Decor Refresh on a Budget

As soon as spring comes around we're hit in the face with tons of new bright home decor ideas, spring cleaning hacks, and lists of items we need now to have a host-worthy home for summer entertaining. It's enough to make a girl panic and feel like a complete and utter adult failure.

The thing about the changing seasons is that we don't need to buy all new pieces every season. 1. Who has the money for that? 2. Who has the storage space for all that?

I used to be completely torn between wanting my home to be in-season & wanting to keep of my that hard earned cash in my wallet. Today I'm going to share the 5 things I do to include spring home decor in my home on a budget.

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1. Grab a new doormat / wreath -- these small changes will add a ton of pop to the front of your home on a budget. I just snagged this doormat for summer, but use this one most of the year since it works for multiple seasons. I change mine out a few times a year & they're small enough to fit into a bin that's in a storage closet in my basement. I can simply swap out which one fits for the time of year and voila my entire block thinks I'm totally on top of this adulting thing.

2. Swap out your throw pillows. The easiest way I've found to do this is to reuse the pillow inserts, grab pillow covers that zip, can be opened up, and swapped out. This way you only need to store a few fabric covers instead of trying to shove full pillows into a closet somewhere.

3. You know that clear vase you have on your kitchen counter? Filled with Christmas bulbs from November through January? Time to fill it with faux lemons for a summer time or another festive vase filler. They'll last year after year and again (as if you haven't heard it enough already), they're small enough to store in a container in the basement!

4. Framed prints -- I love having prints around my home. I've found that I can buy very affordable prints on Minted, Etsy, etc. I keep the same set up on my walls, but just swap out the prints for the season. This makes a huge difference to any room and is an affordable way to change up the same old, same old stuff you've been staring at for months.

5. Bar area -- not sure why this one makes me so happy since it's seriously SO simple. I love to change out the napkins and straws in my bar corner to fit the season. It's a small change that brings me a lot of joy every time I walk by.

These changes can be anything small in your home. Don't give in to the pressure to purchase an entirely new furniture set when you could swap out the throw pillows and blanket for a fraction of the price (and headache). I hope these tips help you to give your home a spring refresh! What's your fave way to change up your home for spring? Let me know in the comments!



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