Summer Beauty Faves

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I have recently become addicted to watching beauty Youtubers. Anyone else with me here? I've learned so many new tricks and have been trying out tons of new products (my bank account doesn't like this new hobby so much). Anyway, I wanted to share some of the products I've been absolutely loving this summer.

1. Neulash- This stuff is like liquid gold. You guys have heard me mention it before. It's seriously magic. I've been using it for a few months now and my lashes have grown SO MUCH! I am constantly getting questions about them and asked if I'm wearing falsies. I know there are a lot of similar products out there. I did some research and a lot of them say that they can turn your colored eyes brown, cause irritation, etc etc. This stuff doesn't do any of that, or at least it hasn't to me. It's definitely a splurge item, but I promise you it's worth every penny.

2. Too Faced Love Flush Blush- Can we talk about how adorable this packaging it? I can't get enough. I have this in the color Baby Love. It's the perfect summer shade when I'm nice and tan. It's super pigmented, and the formulation feels great on your skin. They have a great color selection too!

3. Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss- I'm such a fan of any drug store lip gloss that can give me a high end feel without the cost. Let's be real, no one wants to spend $30+ on a gloss. This stuff is super affordable, has great color pay off, is super shiny, and isn't even one bit sticky.

4. Sara Happ The Lip Scrub- I have this in the Sparkling Pink Grapefruit scent/flavor. I don't know about you, but in the summer my lips get sunburnt a lot. I don't know why, because my skin doesn't really. Anyway, once they're burned, they get gross and want to peel. That's where this scrub comes in. It gets a rid of all of your dead skin and leave your lips so freaking soft! I've had it for a while, but have been using it like a crazy person this summer.

5. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder- I know I'm a little late to the party on this one, but I just recently purchased this. I love this stuff. Since it's translucent, it works when I'm at my fairest and my tannest, plus it's mattifying, which is great since I get a little oily as the day wears on. This is also a bit of a splurge, but from what I hear, it lasts a long time.

6. Elf Makeup Mist & Setting Spray- In the summer this stuff is a miracle. It helps set all of my makeup in place so when I go outside and it's super hot and humid, my makeup stays right where I want it to and isn't melting off of my face. The price on this guy doesn't hurt either!

7. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer- I have never really used an under eye concealer until very recently. Even now, I only do when I'm going out. It's not an everyday type of thing for me since I don't think I have dark circles (maybe I do and I'm just that oblivious. Ignorance is bliss, right?). This goes on smooth, doesn't crease under my eyes, and doesn't look cakey at all. It's an all-around great concealer for someone who isn't looking for an extremely full-coverage look, but just a little brightness under their eyes.

That wraps up my summer beauty faves for now. What are some of your favorite products that you've been using this summer? Let me know in the comments.



P.S. Have any of you tried the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Highlight? I just ordered it after I've heard SO MANY people raving about it and I'm so excited to try it out. Let me know if you've tried it and what you think!

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