Target Treasures

Target Treasures

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I have a love for Target that runs deep. I can't walk in without leaving with more than what was on my list. Although, I did go in there tonight on a mission and I walked out only spending $15! Success! Maybe admitting my usual failure in that category as I started this post helped me control myself.

Most of the people I know have the same problem I do with Target. The stuff in there is just so darn adorable, affordable, and convenient. Where else can you buy garbage bags, light bulbs, food, AND a cute new handbag or pair of sandals? Recently though, I've noticed that they're upping their fashion game in a major way. I've always liked their stuff, but it's been getting even better, which is why I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

I hope you enjoy the roundup of my Target treasures. Have a wonderful weekend!



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