valentine's day gift guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her | 2017

valentine's day gift guide

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Today I wanted to share my Valentine's Day Gift Guide. V-Day is in 2 weeks which means the time is now to get a gift for your special someone! Read on to see some of my picks. I also included bonus items in the bottom widget. Click on any item to directly shop it!

One - The Giving Keys Mini Key Necklace

This company helps transition people in LA out of homelessness which immediately makes my heart happy. To top it off, these necklaces are SO cute!

Two - Picture Frame

Photos are a great way to capture and share memories so giving one to your special someone is a great personalized gift. It doesn't hurt that this one is made from mercury glass.

Three - Delicate Earrings

I wear studs every single day. This pair is perfect for everyday wear -- they're simple and still make a statement.

Four - Candle

Figure out what kinds of scents your girl likes, and grab up a candle in a similar scent. It is a gift that is personal, yet easy, AND it looks so cute sitting on a shelf or table!

Five - A Watch

I've realized that a watch is an essential for adulting. I wear one every single day. It's a gift that she'll wear all the time so she'll think of you every time she wears it.

Six - Cozy Blanket

February is cuddle weather, enough said. I'm loving this one, it's so fuzzy and the blush color is perfection.

Seven - Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment Balm

These lip balms are dual purpose -- they help heal your lips, but they are also tinted. This is something any girl would love to have to throw into her bag.

Eight - Nail Polish

This is a gift that's super easy to pick up, very affordable, and you can usually find one that would suit any girl in your life.

Nine - Hand Cream

Hand cream is an essential, but especially in the winter time. Getting a specialty brand is a great option to spoil your girl a little extra.

Ten - Slippers

Because who doesn't want to be cozy all winter long?!

Eleven - Cute Coffee Mug

It seems like everyone and their brother (except me) lives off of coffee so a new cute coffee mug is a no brainer.

I hope these gift options were helpful. I've also included a few more options in the widget below!



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