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Notion Brand Dashboard

Notion Brand Dashboard

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Everything you need to organize your permanent jewelry business in one place! Use Notion's online dashboard to organize your permanent jewelry business. With Notion you can create a digital workspace to organize all of your product information, pop-up outreach, brand kit, supply order tracker, content calendar, and more.

This is the exact dashboard we use to organize Essbe and Essbe Jewelry Supply. This tool has transformed how the entire team keeps up-to-date and ensures nothing is missed. Once you create a dashboard, you can truly customize and build on it. The dashboards we create for you aren't the only ones you can use.

Take your business to the next level with everything this dashboard includes: 

To-Do Checklist: Cross everything off of your to-do list with this checklist. It can be separated by day, month, or category. Use it for yourself or tag team members to assign tasks to them.

Content Calendar: It's really hard to keep track of every single content idea, post, caption, and platform. Our content calendar helps you streamline it all so you can spend your time creating and not organizing.

Events Tracker: We use this to track the events/brands we've reached out. You'll never have to sift through emails wondering if you've already contacted a boutique about popping up there or try to remember if you paid the entry fee for that holiday market. Everything from your first date of contact to if you need to bring a table and chairs with you is in there.

Brand Guide: Every single brand needs a brand guide. This is where your color palette, fonts, bio, logo, etc. live. You can share this one page with your team, a designer, or reference back when you're looking for a specific color code for your website. 

FAQ Answers: I'm a big believer in working smarter not harder. This section is where all of our canned customer service responses live. You can customize the questions and responses to work for you and your business. When you get repeat DMs or emails, simply copy and paste from your answers and hit send! 

Supply Order Tracker: I know that running a business comes with a lot of online ordering and it's hard to remember what you've ordered, who it's coming from, and when it'll get to you. I created this tracker so that you never forgetting which brand your favorite chains are from or have to wonder if you actually received a tracking number or if it was just a dream. This supply order tracker logs the item, your name for it, how much you ordered, the color, the order date, ship date, delivery date as well as which stage it's in. You can filter by what's pending and what has already been delivered. It's a game changer in tracking for your business! 

Logins: This is a password dashboard. All of your passwords in one place with an area to note the last time the password was changed. We recommend changing your passwords regularly and not using the same one for every platform. 

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