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Office Chats: For Permanent Jewelry Business Owners - Tuesday July 23rd @ 12PM

Office Chats: For Permanent Jewelry Business Owners - Tuesday July 23rd @ 12PM

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It is no secret that being a small business owner can be an isolating experience. There are no co-workers who can provide you with the camaraderie and collaboration that you need when working on a project or making a decision. Generally speaking, the decisions that are made for your business are made by you alone.

Being a business owner myself for 10+ years and a jewelry business owner for 7 years, I decided to create this space to facilitate collaboration and provide guidance to others in the permanent jewelry industry. I wanted to create a space where business owners could come together to share experiences, exchange resources and ask questions. I want to help other business owners succeed and provide the resources I have gathered over my 10 years of entrepreneurship. This is a space where community and collaboration come together to help your business and the industry move forward together.

You must be wondering, what will this office chat look like?
• This will be one session on Tuesday, July 23rd from 12:00 - 1:00PM EST
• After signing up you will receive an email from me with a form for you to fill out prior to the meeting
• I will email you the day before with the Zoom meeting information
• During this office chat, I will answer any questions you may have! Participants will also have an opportunity to collaborate and converse with other permanent jewelry business owners.

This sounds like what I need as a business owner! What topics or questions might be discussed or answered? 
The conversation will be largely driven by your questions! Consider what your business is having the most difficulty with. Some common challenges faced by jewelry business owners:
• Sourcing high-quality materials
• Marketing and promoting products effectively
• Managing inventory and pricing
Opening a brick & mortar: Is that the next step in my business?
• Is it time to scale your business?
• Rebranding
These are just a few examples, but we encourage you to bring any specific challenges you are facing to the office chat for discussion and guidance!

With the Office Chats, business owners can receive valuable guidance and assistance from me as well as fellow professionals in the permanent jewelry industry. It is my hope that this community fosters a collaborative environment where knowledge and expertise are shared to help businesses flourish and grow!

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